Dear Travelers, Runners and Adventure Seekers of this world,

We - as Absolutely Amazing TravelAmazing Running Tours & Amazing Adventure Tours - are being regularly approached by travelers who are very concerned about travelling to East Africa because of the Ebola-epidemic. Hence, we took it as one of our responsibilities to educate and inform you about this epidemic since we do not want anyone to miss the Kenya Wildlife Marathon 2015 due to misinformation. 
This is also the reason why our very first Blog-article deals with this essential and global topic. We - the race organizers of the Kenya Wildlife Marathon 2015 - want to address this issue and enlighten all readers now and forever.

For this purpose, the World Health Organization - in close collaboration with the American Red Cross and Africa Answers - issued 7 statements that shall enlighten the world about the epidemic and dispose of all the wrong information which is being hashed over by the world's media. 

If you are still doubtful after having read this article, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We can assure you that Kenya and therewith the Kenya Wildlife Marathon will take place in an absolutely Ebola-free region. Your health and safety is one of our top priorities. 

1. Currently there are NO reported cases of Ebola in East or South Africa. 

2. Countries affected are Sierra Leone, Liberia, Guinea and Nigeria.

3. The highest risk areas of Sierra Leone are further from Kenya than London. 

4. The distance from Kenya to Nigeria is the equivalent of traveling from LA to NYC. 

5. Outbreaks are mainly occurring in West Africa in remote villages. 

6. Ebola is transmitted through direct contact of bodily fluids.

7. Ebola is NOT an airborne virus.