So far, we know that Kenya is an amazing country full of different cultures, different breathtaking landscapes, different undiscovered but highly competent athletes and also that the Kenya Wildlife Marathon 2015 is probably going to be the best opportunity to run a professionally organized marathon in this marvelous country!
However, we were also wondering what do people eat in Kenya? What are common Kenyan dishes which everybody should absolutely have tried in his/her life. Now, we would like to present to you five of Kenya's best "must-have-tried" dishes. These dishes will make your mouths watering! Plus, they are not only very toothsome but healthy, too.


Irio is perhaps one of the most popular foods in Kenya. This dish is native to the Kikuyu tribe. Basically, it consists of mashed potatoes and green peas. Peas and potatoes are being boiled together and as a last step, corn is added to give this healthy mixture some starch and texture. The most common way of serving Irio is as a side to meat stew.


Mix beans and maize, boil it for a few hours in order to soften the ingredients and subsequently fry it. Usually, you add some pepper and coriander to it and voilà!; you have just created a delicious Kenyan meal called Githeri.


Pilau is made up of rice and meat which is cooked with different flavor bursting spices as for instance, cloves, cinnamon, cardamom and/or cumin. It is a native dish which is common for the coastal tribes of Kenya.


Mutura is a very protein rich sausage. Its main ingredient is clotted goat blood and ground meat. This mixture of meat and clotted blood is usually stuffed into a goat's intestines. After it has boiled for a few hours, roasting it over an open grill will give it a sensational smoky taste!  


Chapati is a type of flat bread which has been brought into the Kenyan cuisine by the sizable Indian population of Kenya. Basically, it is rolled and fried dough. These delicious dough rolls are usually enjoyed with green grams or fried cabbages. Furthermore, they are an excellent accompaniment for a nice cup of tea.